Tips for Managing Stress as a New Parent

Tips for Managing Stress as a New Parent

First and foremost, congratulations. Parenthood is a beautiful blessing that not all people have the opportunity to experience. Although it is a wonderful time along the long journey that is life, it is also a stressful one. This stress will come and go, but it is important as a new parent that you know how to cope with it.

Support Network

Maintain a close circle of friends and family that you can speak to when necessary. The worst thing is to bottle up all of this stress.  If you know other adults with children, speak with them. You will be pleased to hear that most parents have very similar experiences.


Do not be afraid to set aside time for relaxation. Spend time with friends or even your children if they are old enough to enjoy a nice walk and appreciate the quiet times. Play board games, watch movies, go to the spa, whatever works best for you.


Take on a new hobby or pick up an old one. Hobbies will take your mind off things and will channel your energy into another area. In fact, taking on a hobby is a good role model for your children. More often than not, they will pick up the hobby on their own eventually.


Hit the gym or the outdoors. Exercising releases endorphins, which greatly reduce stress. Try to avoid doing the same exercise routine day to day. Switch it up a bit to avoid getting bored.

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