Live-in Assistant versus 24-hour Care

Live-in Assistant versus 24-hour Care

DSCF6719There are many factors to consider when seeking around-the-clock assistance for you or a loved one. Some people, or home care agencies, will hire someone to live with the person needing assistance.

Personal Care Inc., however, provides 24-hour assistance in shifts. We believe in providing the highest level of ethical care for our clients, and are very purposeful in providing 24-hour care in shifts. There are a few factors to think about when hiring one person to remain in the home with your loved one versus hiring us.

Legalities. When hiring someone privately, you should always have a caregiver’s background checked. Additionally, require (and check!) references before someone is hired. If you hire a private firm to provide care, be sure they require background checks – not all are bound to do so!

Beyond checking someone’s past, you need to consider the present. If they are privately employed, who will handle their federal and state taxes, other benefits, and unemployment insurance? If you leave those up to the employee, and they fail to pay, you may be responsible.

Inevitably, accidents will happen. So, what happens if they are hurt on the job? What if you discover theft or harm to property? Your homeowner’s insurance policy will take the hit if they work for you. Personal Care Inc. is fully insured, and we cover our caregivers in your home.

Care. Around-the-clock care is about checks and balances. When multiple folks are working on a case, versus one person, there are more eyes on the individual and their care. Remember the old adage, “it takes a village”? In this case, it is very true. Multiple people have different strengths, and those differences can create a very thorough continuum of care. More importantly, more eyes reduce the chance of elder abuse and neglect! Additionally, Personal Care Inc. hires Certified Nursing Aide-level caregivers. This ensures there is a consistent base of training and knowledge in our care.

When a reputable company handles your care, you have company representatives providing on-site visits. These interactions are opportunities for strengthening of the care, as laid out by a care plan – a plan that is adhered to by the caregiver. Growth is possible for the caregiver through supervision by someone who has deep knowledge of care. In our case, that supervision is provided by a Registered Nurse.

Hiring someone privately also does not assure proper training or continuing education, another cornerstone of our agency.

Respite. We never promise perfection; however, if there is an issue, we address it in a professional manner immediately – from the management. If someone is hired privately, your role as a caregiver changes to management. Most people seek help outside the family to give another loved one respite – a good break to recover. If the caregiver works for you directly, and lives in your home, your role has changed to the more stressful roles of managing their work, and acting as their landlord.

Many folks may think, at this point, that sending someone to a facility is the answer. In short, it is not! While facilities do have 24-hour care, each caregiver in a facility has, on average, ten patients for which they provide care. There is no such thing as personalized attention and care. Taken directly from the 2014 report to the NC Legislature, “There is not a staffing ratio mandate in North Carolina. Many nursing facilities in North Carolina are understaffed to the point of endangering the health of patients.” Do you want your loved one in one of these facilities?1

Hiring caregivers privately can, on paper, save you money; however, there are many considerations that require planning. As a caregiver, or someone needing care, time is precious and limited. Let Personal Care Inc. handle the details! Our local services are caring and affordable!

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