Personal Care, Inc. works with attorneys to add value to their cases and to the services they provide to their clients.

For Eldercare and Estate Planning Attorneys

Home Care Services and Legal ConsiderationsPersonal Care, Inc.’s eldercare management services provide your clients with peace of mind. We help you anticipate and plan for their future health and home care needs – from an unanticipated illness or injury to a worsening chronic medical condition. Our comprehensive care management plan begins with a medical assessment that forms the foundation of an eldercare strategy. We also identify and list medical providers and caregivers, as well as family members and friends who will need to be notified in the event of an emergency. We can project anticipated home care costs and gather or execute consent forms and powers of attorney on your behalf. When an emergency does arise, you make a single call to Personal Care, Inc. Your client’s eldercare strategy will be implemented and coordinated by a case manager or nurse to ensure that resources are in place when needed.

For Injury Attorneys

Personal Care, Inc. offers an experienced staff of registered nurses who conduct medical assessments that meet the state’s standards for qualifying individuals for home care. We begin with a FREE consultation to determine whether your client is an appropriate candidate for further evaluation. If so, PCI will arrange for a registered nurse to visit their home for a thorough nursing assessment. We provide you with comprehensive, concrete data about the client’s ability to function in day to day life, which can provide substantial evidence to support workers’ compensation, personal injury and Social Security disability claims. This same assessment gives a supervising physician the information needed to authorize home care.

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