Why should you choose Home Health Care for yourelf or loved one?

A Letter From Our Owner

The answer is simple. You get 1-on-1 care for the same cost as you get 1-on-10 care in a facility. It doesn’t matter how nice or expensive the facility is, it’s still the same. You are one of many patients. When you are at home, it’s just you getting the individual home health care and attention that you need. In a facility you are one of many and your care needs may or may not be met by staff who have to look after so many people.

That’s the simple answer that I give to people who ask why home health care is better than facility or assisted living care. There are other reasons. You get to be in your own home rather than a small room or a small “apartment.” You can maintain your independence by tailoring the care to your individual needs and not have to conform to someone else’s notion of what you should be eating, or doing with your time.

I could give you a long explanation about the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, or the ins and outs of paying for home health care. And I could go through the intricacies of how we help you access your long term care insurance policy. But it’s simpler for you to just email me with your individual questions. Being local, caring, and affordable is not just a motto for me, it’s what we are as a business. Taking the time to help your customers is what makes the difference in any business. That’s why we always take the time. We know from our own experience what it’s like to provide care for a loved one. And we want your experience to be a positive one.

For me the most rewarding part of being the CEO of Personal Care Inc. is when I meet or talk with our patients and family members and they tell me their stories.

Wayne Abraham
Executive Director
(336) 274-9200