How Home Interior Can Contribute to Falls

How Home Interior Can Contribute to Falls

The world can be a dangerous place. With so many hazards on the roads, in the work place, and even in nature, safety should be a concern no matter where you are, or who you are. But the concerns will only become greater as we get older. Accidents can be very costly to everyone, and the older you are the greater chance you have of a debilitating bodily injury. Even death. Accidental falls are the second leading cause of death in America.

The elderly are accounting for about 70 billion dollars a year in health care costs. This is an expense that doesn’t have to be so high, as long as people are informed about prevention. Some might say these individuals are the fortunate ones, because their injuries did not cause death. The home, a place that is supposed to be safe and comforting, can be the site of many horrible falls. Accidents tend to leave permanent scars, physical and mental, that will resonate long after they’ve happened.

Fear and lack of confidence in their ability to maneuver around their home becomes a hindrance in daily movement. It can also contribute to more accidents. Dr. Roberta A. Newton, PhD, Temple University College of Health Professions, leads a research study to find out how these dangerous household accidents can be avoided. There are many areas of daily life around the house that Dr. Newton has identified as places that older people are more susceptible.

The public’s awareness of the potential risks is crucial to safety. This will be a start to preventing many injuries. However, Personal CareInc. go much further in protecting older individuals’ safety. At-home assessments are available for all those interested in how they can make a home safer for older residents.

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