We only require a 2 hour a day minimum. For folks who live in rural areas we require a 3 hour a day minimum. There is no hourly minimum for transportation services. These are billed based upon the trip.
We always strive to make a good match and send the same person to your home each time. We also work to send substitutes should your regular person be out due to illness.
We are licensed by the North Carolina Division of Facility Services.
We hire Certified Nursing Assistants. They have to pass state testing in order to be certified, and we check their nursing certification at hire and annually to ensure that their credentials are current. For our home management services, we look for people who are excellent homemakers and cooks.
Yes, and we also do thorough background checks including work references and national criminal background checks if the person has not lived in North Carolina for at least 5 years. For all others, we do a state level criminal background check..

We offer the full range of services from once a week taking a person to do errands, to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week complete care. Our CNAs perform tasks such as: wound care, catheters, tube-feeds, bathing, dressing, toileting, light housekeeping, errands, meal preparation, range of motion exercises, medication prompting, driving to appointments, and laundry. Our homemakers will do housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, and shopping. Our RNs also can assist with weekly medication set up to ensure that the right medicines are taken at the right times. In addition, our staff can accompany your loved ones to their doctor appointments and keep you up-to-date on what happened at the visit.

We do have some employees who are not certified and who perform home making tasks that do not require certification.
Yes, we do this in two ways. First, our RNs provide clinical supervision of all CNAs, ensuring that they have a proper plan of care to follow, and that they have the necessary skills to perform those tasks. Specialized training is provided when necessary. Second, we provide supervision by having unannounced home visits by our Service Supervisor making sure that the job is being done properly, and that the patient and family members are satisfied. Our service supervisor and other administrative staff are always available to help quickly resolve any problems that may occur.
We provide ongoing quarterly in-service trainings on topics such as proper body mechanics, proper sanitary procedures, and bloodborne pathogens control. We also provide specific training to aides who need the skills for a particular type of illness such as MS, Parkinson’s, diabetic care, or Alzheimer’s disease in order to care for a patient.
With private pay or long term care insurance patients their services can be as flexible as necessary changing the hours and tasks to meet their individual needs. For Medicaid patients any changes are subject to Medicaid’s rules. Is 24/7 emergency assistance available? Yes it is. We have staff on call who handle any emergencies. And we are able to respond quickly to problems.
We are available on call to make changes and adjustments to the services and hours needed. We ask for major adjustments that we receive at least 24 hours notice. However, we understand that emergencies occur. It is the nature of our business to respond to sudden changes in the health and care needs of our patients. We will endeavor to assist in any way possible should you experience an emergency. It is our policy that should your family member ever need to go to the emergency room, one of our staff will stay with them until your arrival. If you live out of town, we will stay with your family member until you are satisfied that we are no longer necessary. We also provide staff who can be with your loved one during a hospital stay should you desire.
Many of these services are covered by long term care insurance policies, workers compensation policies, and under specific guidelines Medicaid. Medicare does not cover the services that we provide.
We do our billing weekly so that you can see what charges have been incurred. Private pay patients normally choose to pay us on a weekly basis either by check or by credit card. We provide a discount for weekly payment. We also file any necessary paperwork for our patients with their long term care insurance providers. For Medicaid patients we bill Medicaid according to the specific rules for their program.
Personal Care believes in the right of everyone to manage their life and their home as they see fit. One of the greatest fears people face as they age is that of becoming dependent and losing control of their lives. Many people won’t consider an in-home aide because they are afraid of “not being able to take care of themselves.” Actually, when you arrange for an in-home aide, YOU really are in control. You have the right to pick your own agency, decide (with the agency supervisors and nurses) on the schedule you want and select the things you want the aide to do. Trained staff will come in and help you do things your way – in your own home.
Some medical insurance companies and long-term care policies will cover in-home aide service. Under certain situations Medicare will pay for limited services. Medicaid pays for a significant amount of in-home aide care. Some people pay for their care privately. Also, many counties offer grant-funded services for those people who don’t qualify for Medicaid, who don’t have insurance that will pay and/or cannot afford to pay out of pocket. Our trained staff will be happy to answer questions specific to your situation. There is never a charge for these kinds of phone or e-mail consultations. info@personalcareinc.com
PCI carefully screens all employees prior to hire. We check references, look at local and SBI criminal records, and randomly test for drugs. In addition, every aide’s work is carefully monitored by an RN and an administrative staff member. We also do both scheduled and surprise supervisory visits to ensure that things are exactly as they should be. All of our employees are bonded and insured.
Each patient is assigned a nurse and a person in the office who handles their case and is responsible for taking care of any problems. When you are admitted you will be given their names so you know whom to call. In addition, you can always call Wayne Abraham, the Executive Director, who will help you at any time.
Call the office anyway. We have an answering service that will take a message and page the on-call staff person. That on-call person will call you and try to answer your question or handle your problem.

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