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Gay Couple

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender communities have special concerns that are unique. Personal Care Inc. recognizes & honors these concerns, whether you are looking for care for your partner, parent, friend, or other loved ones.

Many older LGBT persons may not have the same familial support as other kinds of families, presenting unique opportunities regarding caregiving. For instance, LGBT folks are more likely to live alone. Additionally, LGBT folks are less likely to be parents, and have support from their children, as they age. Regarding legal aspects, LGBT folks often have strong social networks on whom they rely, but these extended family may not be recognized by the law. If seeking help for an affirming parent or their child, LGBT folks may hide their sexuality or ask their loved one not to disclose, due to a fear of reprisal against their loved one.

When it comes to care, many LGBT folks  may not seek help when needed out of fear of discrimination. Personal Care Inc. has a highly trained staff that is sensitive to the issues specific to the LGBT community. We do not tolerate discrimination on any level. Using diverse training techniques and thorough background checks, our goal is to ensure that you receive the highest quality care available. Personal Care Inc. believes that we all deserve safe, non-judgmental home care – all of us, not just some of us!

LGBT Parents


Click here for tips on finding the best home care agency from The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging for you or your loved one.

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