In-Home Health Care

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We provide in-home care for a broad range of people. Whether it’s children or adults with special needs, veterans or seniors they will all flourish with in-home health care. We recognize that each person has a unique situation that requires individual assessment and attention.

Home Health Care With A Heart

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We are proud of our personal care, and we love to hear from you! In-home health care is a journey we take together, and together we have many shining, often touching moments. Check out our video testimonials!

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Why Choose In-Home Care

The answer is simple. You get 1-on-1 care for the same cost as you get 1-on-10 care in a facility. When you are at home, it’s just you getting the individual home health care and attention that you need. See full answer here.

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    How Does In-Home Care Work?

    From the moment you contact us, you are our priority. The Personal Care Inc. team tailors in-home health care to your unique needs. Our Registered Nurse and site supervisor will visit you in your home to arrange a Care Plan, guided by you and your loved ones. 

    Our Message To You

    Watch a few of our clients tell their stories.

    Make The Right Decision

    Caring for elderly parents or loved ones is a major concern for millions of Americans. Ensuring proper healthcare, providing safe living conditions and handling legal and financial questions can be quite complex and time consuming. Often, families are left feeling confused and concerned about what decisions they should make to improve the welfare of their aging loved ones. 

    Long Term Care

    Personal Care Inc. provides long term senior care and long term care for adults and children with ongoing health issues that require assistance. Together, we will maintain your independence so that you may remain in your home with less worry.

    Short Term Care

    Personal Care Inc. provides short term care to you while you recover from short term medical trauma, such as recovery from serious personal injury or surgery. We assist with rehab care that will speed your recovery while you receive high quality in-home care.

    Special Needs Care

    Special needs child care or new born care is a full time responsibility. We offer special needs child care services to help you relax and recharge while your child is cared for by one of our skilled Pediatric Nursing Assistants (PNAs) or Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs).

    LGBT Care

    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender communities have special concerns that are unique. Personal Care Inc. recognizes & honors these concerns, whether you are looking for care for your partner, parent, friend, or other loved ones.


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